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"Welcome to the MetTrimMD PGA Medical Weight Loss Program."

(left to right) Angelo G. Coppola Jr., M.D. | Morgan Garcia, B.S., NDTR | R. Steven Jones, M.D.

The Doctors at the Premier Gastroenterology Associates (PGA) offer the MetTrimMD program to help men, women, and families—lose weight and reduce weight related health problems such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated sugar (A1C, Insulin) levels, joint pain and more.

We are currently seeing new patients at:

MetTrimMD Premier Gastroenterology Associates (PGA)
10001 Lile Drive
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Little Rock, AR 72205

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What makes the MetTrimMD personalized plan noticeably refreshing, effective, and user friendly for patients, is that our doctors combine medical expertise with real-world experience.

Because they continue to work with hundreds of weight loss patients each year, the MetTrimMD protocol reflects the reality of what we deal with as we lose weight. They do not simply lecture about weight loss; they live it with patients every day.

  • The end result is…

    …Their hands-on interaction with real patients in the real world and other MetTrimMD providers has allowed them to develop a protocol in the form of a personalized plan that includes the reality, obstacles, and daily challenges “real people living in the real world” face every day.

We believe…

No matter how compelling “textbook weight-loss solutions” may seem—usually written by people who’ve never struggled with weight—there’s no substitute for the power of combining good, old-fashioned, hands-on physician contact with a proven, medical weight loss protocol, and a team of medical experts to follow it through with you.

This is why—starting day one—you can be confident that you have a real advantage by working with Dr. Copolla, Morgan Garcia, Dr. Jones and their team.

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